What Are Longe Lessons?

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

Inexperienced riders looking for a way to work on their positions without pulling on the reins should ask their trainers about longe lessons. Though there are some great ways to practice skills without aid, you’ll need help with this one. You need to have an instructor who is skilled at longeing to help from the ground. You’ll also want to practice on a quiet horse who is experienced working on the longe line.

How To Perform Longe Lessons

Keeping a steady position in the saddle is an important skill of riders. Bouncing while riding or digging stirrups against the horse’s side will irritate them. It is easier to be thrown from a horse when you are bouncing and the horse is agitated. Practice by longeing your horse with the stirrups down. Begin at a walk and build up to a trot slowly over time. During a mounted longe session, knot your reins and loop them over your horse’s neck so they don’t fall down around their legs. To help you find balance in the saddle try putting your hands on your hips or holding them straight out to the sides.

Focus on keeping your back straight and your body centered over the middle of the horse. If you are having trouble getting it, try gently wrapping your legs around your horse’s sides. This will draw your seat down into the saddle. The more you practice the more you’ll find your balance. A lot of it comes with confidence, that only time and practice gives you. Are you looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado? Colorado Horse Property has the largest database of horse properties in Colorado. We also have a staff of horse-person realtors ready to help. Contact Colorado Horse Property today!

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