Horse Care Essentials

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Horse owners will be the first person to tell you that taking care of an equine is no simple task. Thankfully there are commercial items that horse owners can buy that makes their lives a little easier. Below are some of the horse care essentials we’ve heard about over the years from the amazing horse owners that we’ve worked with in the past. Are you looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado? Colorado Horse Property has the largest database of horse properties in Colorado. We also have a staff of horse-person realtors ready to help. Contact Colorado Horse Property today!

Colorado Horse Care Essentials

Some horses tend to hold heat in the legs, that can make physical activity difficult. If you have this problem, Icetight should be in your tack room. This is a medicinal clay poultice that can help reduce the heat. Another great product to have on hand is AluShield. This is a liquid bandage. Accidents do happen and a one-size-fits-all bandage doesn’t always work for horses. Liquid bandages are great for wounds in hard to reach places. They keep the flies away and protects the area from getting dirty. These products are great, but not all horse care essentials need to be name brand.

If you train with your horse, a cooling liniment is great to use in between sessions. Similar to Icetight but not as strong, cooling liniments help horses heal after training. If you only take your horse on well-traveled trails, then your horse might not be shod (don’t have horseshoes). You should have a pair of horse boots around just in case you find yourself riding on rocky trails or pavement. Even shod horses can accidentally lose their horseshoes, so having horse boots on hand can help in emergencies.

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