Should I Mow My Horse Pastures?

Horse Pastures

There are many people out there who think that horse owners do not have to mow their pastures. Horses eat grass, so horse pastures take care of themselves, right? Actually, this is a common misconception. Any good horse owner will tell you that mowing your pasture is an important part of your routine maintenance. Here are just a few of the benefits of mowing your pastures.

Here’s Why You Should Mow Your Horse Pasture

Benefit number one: weed management. Horses love to eat grass, but they will always avoid weeds. When weeds go uneaten and the grass around them is consumed by your horses, they are allowed to grow more freely. If you do not mow your horse pastures, the weeds will grow so big that they start to choke out the grass. Pastures not maintained can easily become more weeds than grass. Mowing weeds helps to keep them from going to seed, while reducing their height and giving the grass around them a fighting chance.

Another great benefit to mowing your pasture is to regulate horse grazing patterns. Taller grass isn’t as sweet as shorter grass. Poor pasture maintenance will lead to your horses overgrazing their preferred areas of short grass, leaving only the tall grass in patches. Fortunately, you can break your horses’ grazing patterns simply by mowing. Mowing the taller grass makes it more palatable and appealing to your horses, encouraging them to graze these previously untouched areas. Are you looking for horse properties for sale in Colorado that include pastures? Contact Colorado Horse Property today and talk to one of our horse-person realtors.

First Aid Kits for Horses: The Alternatives

First Aid Kits for Horses

Did you know that just like us there are first aid kits for horses? A well-stocked first aid kit in your tack room is important. Horse owners should always be prepared for equine injuries and illnesses. While the standard essentials like gauze pads and a thermometer are always helpful, in some situations more unusual items may be the key to helping your horse. First aid kits for horses should be updated periodically. When updating for kit, consider adding these less common items. They could just save your horse’s life.

Unusual Things for Your First Aid Kit

Consider adding the inner tube from a bicycle wheel to your first aid kit. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. You can cut a bicycle inner tube in half and use it as a tourniquet to help prevent blood loss from a leg injury. This stretchy material can make a great seal to a wound. Flashlights are essential in any first aid kit, but the winter cold will drain their batteries, and holding a flashlight while you’re treating your horse isn’t practical. Glow sticks offer an advantage because they don’t rely on battery power and can be placed anywhere.

Another item that you should always have in your first aid kit is duct tape. It might seem peculiar at first, but there are so many ways duct tape can help in an emergency. Not only is it great for temporary fixes with tack, it can also be used as a temporary bandage. If your looking for more horse safety tips, call us today. Colorado Horse Property is the leading horse property listing site in the entire state.

Horse Riding Safety Apps

Horse Safety Apps

With the summer in full swing in Colorado, horse owners will be taking their four-legged companions out of the pasture. Horse riding safety is very important, especially if you ride regularly. It is safer to have someone ride along with you. However, with social distancing still a main priority, that might not always be possible. It is more important now that ever to note that falling poses a real problem for equestrians. But don’t worry. We’re in the 21st century and technology has your back. The free apps below could help you if you were to fall off your horse and were unable to phone for help.

Safety Apps for Horse Riding

The main app you’ll want to have on your smartphone before riding alone is the Ride With Me app. This app was developed by SmartPak. When you set up Ride With Me, you’ll be prompted to enter in some emergency contacts. The app will monitor your movement and if it detects that you’ve stopped moving, it will sound a warning alarm. If you’ve stopped moving on purpose, then this alarm can be turned off easily. However, if you don’t stop the alarm, the app will text your GPS location to your emergency contacts, letting them know that you need help.

You should also consider the Road ID app. Much like Ride With Me, this app tracks your location as you ride and its Stationary Alert Notification can notify your friends and family if you stop moving. Your emergency contacts can see your progress on any web browser. You can create a lock screen that includes emergency contacts, allergies, medical conditions, and your blood type for emergency responders in case you fall. Looking for horse properties for sale in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today and speak with one of our horse-person realtors.

Monitoring Horses in 2020

Horse Monitoring

A lot has changed when it comes to the modern cowboy. For one thing, technology has improved monitoring horses. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your horse training programs, there are amazing new monitoring systems out there that can help. One of the top systems in monitoring horses is Equisense Motion. Equisense Motion is a system that helps you to monitor your horse’s health and soundness during workouts. A sensor attaches to your girth to record your training data, then sends it to an app that guides you on how to measure your horse’s progress.

Elite Horse Monitoring System

This technology can monitor the time you spend at each lead and at each gait during a session. It also measures the number of transitions and jumps you make and your horse’s symmetry at the trot, which can indicate emerging lameness issues. Equisense Motion can even factor in the cadence and regularity of your horse’s gait. There’s also an app for the system to make your training experience even better.

The app keeps all the data about each session, so you can review it. With this information, you can tailor your future sessions and get the most out of your training. We know that your horses’ health is a top priority and the app focuses on it as well. You can record information about vaccines, farrier appointments, and vet procedures to create a record of your horse’s health. The app also has free training exercises to keep your rides interesting and productive. Are you looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado with enough space to training your horses? Contact Colorado Horse Property today and speak with one of our horse-person realtors.

Horse Land for Sale in Colorado

Horse Land for Sale in Colorado

With so much open space, state parks, and pristine area untouched by industry, Colorado is one of the best places to find horse land for sale. However, land in Colorado can be very expensive if you don’t know where to look. The following are three of the easiest, most cost-effective places to buy land in Colorado. If you are looking for horse land for sale in Colorado, call Colorado Horse Property today. We have an elite team of horse-person realtors that have been in the business for decades. Let us help you find the property your looking for at a price you can afford.

South Fork

South Fork has horse land for sale in Colorado at great prices. It lies at the confluence of the South Fork and Rio Grande rivers. South Fork was once the site of timber milling operations. The community lies in an enclave of the Rio Grande National Forest, making it great for trail horseback riding.


Blanca is a small town in southwestern Colorado. The town, named for Blanca Peak, was founded in August 1908 from a land lottery in the San Luis Valley of south central Colorado. The Blanca Wetlands, an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, lies northwest of the town. The Wetlands are important because they serve as a refuge for birds, fish and other wildlife.

Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek is a small town in Southern Colorado with a big history, located near the base of Pikes Peak. This town got its start as a gold mining camp. The name of the town is borrowed from the nearby creek with the same name. The Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad, a narrow gauge train ride from Cripple Creek passes several small ghost townsgoldmines, and glory holes. The Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine provides tours into a real gold mine led by a real gold miner.

Colorado Farriers

Colorado Farriers

Colorado boasts a large horse population including both native and non-native breeds. This means that there are also many great Colorado farriers. A farrier is more than just a person that puts horseshoes on horses. Farriers are specialist in equine hoof care, which affects many aspects of the animals life. Farriers are responsible for the trimming and balancing of horses’ hooves and the placing of shoes on their hooves. The skills of a farrier are very unique. These include blacksmith’s skills with some veterinarian’s skills to care for horses’ feet. Farriers use a wide arrange of tools from Anvils to clinchers.

Trimming is performed using horse nippers, a tool used to trim hoof wall, and a rasp, a tool used to finish trim and smooth out edges of hoof. A farrier’s routine work is primarily hoof trimming and shoeing. The amount of trotting, running, hauling, and pulling that horses perform takes a toll on their hooves. Trimming each hoof so it retains proper foot function is important. If the animal has a heavy work load, works on abrasive surfaces, needs additional traction, or has pathological changes in the hoof, then shoes may be required.

Colorado Farriers Near Me

Additional tasks for the farrier include dealing with injured or diseased hooves and application of special shoes for racing and training. If you are looking to buy of sell horse property in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today. Don’t deal with a standard, suburban realtor. Talk to one of our horse-person realtors who know what you’re looking for. If you are looking for Colorado farriers near you, check out our Colorado farriers directory.

The Best Colorado Riding Trails

The Best Riding Trails in Colorado

Stay at home orders are beginning to lift and the parks are opening back up. Also, riding trails have started to reopen their gates. There are many Colorado riding trails all over the state and can be found on our Colorado Horse Parks and Trails page. The following is a list of some of the most popular places to ride in Colorado. Remember, if you are looking to buy or sell horse property in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property for assistance. We have horse-person realtors who have been in the business for decades.

The Most Popular Places to Ride in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park

There’s so much to see at Rocky Mountain National Park that you can’t see it all in one day. Accessed through the city of Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park can be viewed a number of ways. You can hike, cycle, and even drive through the area. Also, this park provides wonderful Colorado riding trails for horseback riding. Go for a scenic ride along rushing rivers and high mountain lakes. Horseback riding through this park will bring you face to face with wildlife and nature.

Roosevelt National Forrest

Another gem that is accessed through Estes Park, this park is also popular with riders. Roosevelt National Forrest brims with sprawling valleys, thick forests and glistening alpine lakes. Start your horseback journey in the city and continue into the Forrest. Roosevelt National Forest is also teeming with wildlife like deer, elk and coyotes. All of this and more can be experience on horseback.

Maroon Bells Park

The two peaks that make up Maroon Bells are the most photographed peaks in Colorado. This beautiful vista is located on the border of Gunnison and Pitkin Counties in western Colorado. Maroon Bells Park also includes a reflective, glass-like lake just below the aspens and conifers framing the often snow-spotted rocky peaks. All of this and more can be experience on horseback.

The Modern Cowboy

The Modern Cowboy

The definition of a cowboy has been the same since it’s inception, however things are changing. Cowboys have the same cattle management tasks. They also have dressed in similar clothing and have similar core skills. And yet the modern cowboy takes things a step further. Early Spanish explorers created the need for American cowboys. Spanish exploration brought cattle and horses to the new world and with it the concept of the cowboy. Over time the demand for cows has increased. However the number of rural Americans have decreased. The modern cowboy has more work to do now than ever before. Old methods for tracking cattle are no longer viable in this new climate of a growing middle class.

Cowboys of The Future

Modern cowboys are turning to technology as a way to track cattle. Organizations around the world already track animal identification, premises identification, and animal movement. This tracking leads to the eradication of animal disease and improving the quality and cost of beef. Utilizing drone technology would allow individual tracking of each cow. This thereby eliminates a lot of labor for cowboys and the cattle industry. A few educated workers can do the work of a dozen, lower-paid workers. The benefits to the economy are paramount.

Drone technology has come a long way. Once little more than a remote-controlled toy, drones are now very sophisticated depending on the manufacturer. Drones have immense potential for surveillance and management that has barely been tapped into. Drones can also be used to track plant growth and health, check fence lines for damage from wildlife, and so much more. Remember, this will never take away from a cowboy’s responsibilities. The rugged breed of men and women who wear plaid, big belt buckles and even bigger hats will always be needed. However, this technology will aid them in efficiency. If you are looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today. We have a group of horse-person realtors ready to help you today.

Easy Places to Buy Land in Colorado

Land in Colorado

With so much open space, state parks, and pristine area untouched by industry, Colorado is one of the best places to find land for sale. However, land in Colorado can be very expensive if you don’t know where to look. The following are three of the easiest, most cost-effective places to buy land in Colorado. If you are looking to buy land in Colorado, call Colorado Horse Property today. We have an elite team of horse-person realtors standing by.


The town of Crestone, Colorado has a lot of land for sale. 111 listings to be precise. The prices for land in this area start a $2,000 and goes up from there. Crestone is a small town in southwestern Colorado with a rich history. It is a small village at the foot of the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo Range. It also lies in the northern part of the San Luis Valley. Crestone was a small mining town, but little paying ore was discovered. In the 1970s, the Baca Grande was established to the south and west where several hundred homes have been built. The community lies just north of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

San Luis

San Luis also has a lot of land for sale in Colorado. There are currently 135 listings available for land in the area. San Luis is a town in southwestern Colorado that has a lot of history. Hispanic settlers from the Taos Valley established several small villages along the Rio Culebra in the San Luis Valley and officially took possession of this portion of the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant on April 9, 1851. Today, San Luis is a great place for horse owners. Resting north of the Culebra Creek and the Sanchez Reservoir, San Luis has a beautiful landscape.

Fort Garland

Fort Garland is one of the easiest places to buy land in the state of Colorado. There are 240 listings in the area for land. Listings start as low as $2,500. For Garland is a town in southwestern Colorado. Fort Garland is referred to as the “Gateway to the San Luis Valley”, as it is the first town one encounters when traveling west having crossed over La Veta Pass in the Sangre de Cristo Range. The Fort Garland Museum preserves some of the historic buildings from the fort.

Best Camping Sites in Colorado

Camping Spots

Camping is a great way to connect with nature and a unique way to vacation and reconnect with yourself and your family. Camping is also a cheap way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and to just relax. Some of the best camping sites in Colorado are near the Yampa River and Steamboat Springs. If you are looking to buy horse property in the state of Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today.

Flat Tops Trail

One of the best camping sites in Colorado is the Flat Tops Trail region. The best thing about this area is that it is remote but easy to reach. This national scenic byway connects Yampa (near Steamboat Springs) with Meeker to the west. The highlight of the area is Trappers Lake, the third largest natural lake in Colorado. There are several campgrounds down at Trappers Lake, but no dispersed camping. Trappers Lake Lodge is open late May through September, and rents out boats, horses and cabins. It also has a mini general store and restaurant/bar. Other camping grounds along Flat Tops Trail include Chapman Reservoir, Vaughan Lake, Himes Peak, and the Marvine Campground.

Buffalo Pass

Another great spot for camping is in Buffalo Pass. This area is close to downtown Steamboat Springs and two hot springs resorts. This historic route was once the main route to Walden, Colorado. A gem at the top of the pass is Summit Lake. Fishing and hand-powered watercraft are permitted on here. There’s also fishing in town on the Yampa River. The Dry Lake Campground and dispersed campsites in the area fill up quickly during the peak summer season. Therefore, if you have a specific spot in mind you better get there early. For more great camping spots in Colorado, call one of our horse-person realtors today.