Winter Chores For Horse Owners

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Many states do not see much change between the seasons aside from the temperature. Colorado has temperate springs, beautiful summers, falls full of changing colors, and white winters. Prior to winters, Coloradans know the drill; this is when you bring out all of your winter clothes to the front of your closet to prepare for the snowy weather. Horse owners have the extra step of preparing their horses for the winter. In fact, there’s an entire new chore list for horse owners when winter comes around. Here is our list of winter chores for Colorado horse owners.

Colorado Winter Chores

Begin by checking your stables for problems. Inspect gutters and downspouts for leaks. When the snow begins to melt, you’ll want to divert the water away from high traffic areas. The last thing you want is standing water near your animals, so check your paddock for low spots and level them out. Though some horses are okay to be outside while it’s snowing, be mindful of overgrazing and compaction. The winter weather is not good for leather tack. Also tack with metal components are prone to rust in wet weather. Consider a way to heat, light or ventilate your tack room to avoid this problem.
You should also check and update your emergency plans. Does your flashlights need fresh batteries? What about your battery-powered radio and car cell phone charger? Also, make sure your horse blankets are clean and at hand when you need them. Consider your own clothing needs to keep you warm and dry during riding, daily chores and farm work. Looking for horse properties for sale in Colorado? Colorado Horse Property has the largest database of horse properties than any other site and our team of horse-person realtors can help you find the perfect property for you.

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