How To Properly Share The Trails

Photo by Gigi F. on Unsplash

Colorado is known for it’s extensive hiking trails. However, it’s October and winter is just around the corner. The trails will be loaded with hikers getting in that last hike before we get snowy weather. When horseback riders meet hikers on the trail, confrontations can occur. To share the trails with a hiker, remember to be kind and you can defuse trail confrontations before they happen. Here are some tips on how riders can share the trails with hikers.

Share The Trails: Do’s and Don’ts

After stopping and saying hello, you and the hiker must come up with a quick and safe way to pass one another. Sometimes the best procedure is to ask everyone to step off the trail on the same side so you can ride by. Downhill is preferable, but sometimes the terrain makes it safer for them to step off to the uphill side. Every trail is different and so is every horse. If there’s enough room and your horse is skittish, then maybe you should pull over and let them pass first. If the trail is too small, the hiker might have to backtrack to a better area to make the pass.

What about cyclists? First, face the cyclist and ask them politely to stop. Then talk to them about the best way to pass. In many cases, the cyclist may have to follow along behind you until there’s a safe place for you to pull your horse off the path. Always, thank passersby for cooperating with you. Make every interaction a positive one! Looking for horse properties for sale in Colorado? Colorado Horse Property has the largest database of horse properties than any other site and our team of horse-person realtors can help you find the perfect property for you.

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