The Right Way To Fall From A Horse

Photo by Sergiu Vălenaș on Unsplash

Horseback riding instructors harp on riders staying in the saddle. They don’t often teach riders what to do if you are going to fall from a horse. Though professional show-riders get this training, it is important for every rider to know the basics on how to fall from a horse. You don’t even have to be on a horse to practice what to do when a fall occurs; any soft surface will do. The best way to fall from a horse is commonly known as the tuck-and-roll. In order to use the momentum of your fall to your advantage, tuck in your extremities and roll away from the horse. Here’s how to practice this falling method.

The Tuck And Roll Method

Begin practicing by kneeling on one knee. In this position, turn your head and shoulders away from the direction of your intended fall and drop to the ground. Try landing on the blade of your shoulder. Try again, but this time draw your knees up and bring up your arms to protect your head in a curl with your chin tucked toward your chest. For the best results, roll back onto your knees and spring back onto your feet. Depending on how bad the fall is, you won’t know how your horse will land or respond to falling. Therefore, getting back onto your feet and moving aside could keep you from getting kicked or trampled accidentally.

If you lack a soft place to practice or need help in any way, many training facilities offer  fall-safety training. Horse training facilities are usually equipped with landing mats, crash-mats, and foam shapes to help you practice. The tuck and roll method is effective because it doesn’t matter in which direction you fall. The steps are always the same. Once a rider is rolling, they just need to hang on to their tuck position until their momentum has decreased enough to get to safety. Remember, if you are looking for a horse property in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today.

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