Minimizing Barn Flies

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

There are many types of barns and stables. These buildings are a must for horse owners, but they do come with there own challenges. Perhaps one of the most complaints that owners have is barn flies. If barn flies are ruining you and your horse’s summer, then check out these tips on minimizing these pests. Also, if you’re looking for horse properties in Colorado, we have the largest horse property database in the entire state. Contact us today.

How To Reduce Pesky Barn Flies

First of all, where is your manure pile is currently located? Manure is the biggest cause of barn flies, so your pile should be located away from the building. Another way to deter flies from hanging out is to make sure that the space is well-ventilated. Flies don’t like moving air, so use a fan to keep air circulating through your stables during the summer. This will also help to cool your stable and can improve your horse’s respiratory system. If you are designing a new barn, make sure to include many windows to promote cross ventilation.

Flies are also attracted to dirty feed and water buckets. During the winter you can get away without cleaning these daily, but during the summer it’s a must. If you have water troughs, clean these regularly as well. Barn flies often lay their eggs in stagnant water, and it can take between 4 days and two weeks to mature. If your horses are in their stalls during the day, then pick out the stalls regularly. Not only will this help to keep the stalls cleaner, but it will also mean that you’re removing the manure that attracts flies. Barn flies are mostly harmless, but they will cause restlessness in horses if they persist for long periods of time.

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