Grooming Your Horse

grooming your horse

Grooming your horse is very important when it comes to their well being.

Grooming your horse regularly can be very time consuming. Depending on the type of equestrian property that you own, and the state of the weather of course, your horse can wander back to the stables after feeding very dirty. Colorado Horse Property advises horse owners to spot clean your animal with a towel so that when it comes time to give your horse its regular cleaning you can finish quicker. As a horse owner, we know what your time is important, but your horse shouldn’t have to suffer when it comes to hygiene. Cleaning with a towel when spots or stains occur, it quick and easy. The moist heat and rubbing action of the towel will help lift the stain out. The quick evaporation of the water will keep the horse from becoming soaked or chilled. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Gather Materials—You should use a clean bucket, an electric teakettle for heating water, and rubber gloves. Make sure you have a lot of towels on hand as well.
  2. Hot Water—You will need to pour boiling water from the kettle with water in your bucket. You will know that it’s hot enough when you can just stand to put your gloved hand into it.
  3. Soak Towel—Now you have to get your towel wet for cleaning your horse. Dunk the entire clean towel into the hot water. You don’t want your towel dripping water all over your animal, so wring the towel thoroughly to remove as much of the excess water that you can.
  4. Rub It—Quickly rub the stain or spot on your horse and don’t stop until the towel stops steaming.
  5. Repeat—Repeat steps 2-4 until the stain has been thoroughly wash out.

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