Horse Laminitis

Horse LaminitisThe staff at Colorado Horse Property knows how important your horse’s health is to you. One of the issues that you might have to look out for is your horse contracting what is known as Laminitis.

Laminitis is a serious health concern that could possibly end your horse’s career. In some cases this ailment may cause such severe pain in your animal that euthanasia is the only way to end your horses suffering. If that wasn’t bad enough, the statistics surrounding horse Laminitis are grim. Surveys show that this disease affects about one percent of all horses in America at any given time, leading to death.

The key to saving a horse that has contracted the disease is early, aggressive treatment. Though Laminitis has no cure, treatment can limit damage and may save your horse’s life, so call your veterinarian immediately if you see signs. In septic laminitis there’s typically a lag of 24 to 72 hours between the triggering event and the first signs, but the inflammatory response begins almost immediately. The faster you can halt it, the better your horse’s chances will be.

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