Dog-Friendly Adventures in Colorado

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Colorado was made for dogs. Colorado is full of parks and natural open space for your canine companions to enjoy. Continue reading for some amazing dog-friendly venues in Colorado. Or check out our article on the most popular dog breeds of last year. Also, if you are looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today and speak with one of our horse-person realtors.

Dog-Friendly Adventures

Our first dog-friendly venue is in Colorado Springs at the Pub Dog Colorado. This restaurant features an off-leash area for dogs to mingle with nearby tables for owners. If you prefer that your dog is leashed there is also an outdoor section for that as well. The Pub Dog Colorado’s menu includes items that are suitable for dogs. You can try the bark bowl, which includes brown rice, sweet potatoes, and an unsalted beef patty. They also have their Bowser Beer Dog Beer, which is a nonalcoholic, refreshing drink for your dog bowl. Your pup can also enjoy a “pupsicle,” a popsicle of frozen chicken broth.

Another great dog-friendly venue is the Adventure with Colorado Jeep Tours. No matter how big your dog is, all dogs are welcome along a Colorado Jeep Tour. The excursion with Colorado Jeep Tours ventures through Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, Red Canyon Park, and the Gold Belt Scenic Byway. If your goal is to get a selfie for your dog’s Instagram, this tour has some great views! Remember to make a reservation specifically for your dog. You’ll be asked to sign the waiver and attend a meet-and-greet with a tour guide when bringing your canine companion along.

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