Colorado Beasts

Photo by Vladimir Vujeva on Unsplash.

With so many parks and open space, it’s no wonder that Colorado has a big diversity of wild animals. In fact, there are currently forty-two Colorado state parks in Colorado. All the parks provide a wide variety of recreation, from hiking and biking to camping and boating. Continue reading for a one in a lifetime opportunity to learn about Colorado beasts. Also, if you are looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today and speak with one of our horse-person realtors.

The Best of Colorado Beasts

On April 8th from 6-7PM, Treasure Box Tours will be holding their Best of Colorado Beasts demonstration online. At this event you’ll learn about some of the animals that call Colorado home. The event will also focus on an upcoming tour at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. There have been some new developments at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. There is a new branch of the Wild Animal Sanctuary, in Keenesburg Colorado, where exotic beasts have found a new home.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary offers an incredible amount of natural habitats for its animals to enjoy. In fact, the Wild Animal Sanctuary boasts 10,500+ acres of habitat. The sanctuary focuses on giving homes to rehabilitated animals. They are home to more than 600 rehabilitated animals. The three facilities there represent the largest carnivore sanctuaries in the world, and are designed and built like no others in existence. For more information about the Wild Animal Sanctuary visit their website.

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