The Modern Cowboy

The Modern Cowboy

The definition of a cowboy has been the same since it’s inception, however things are changing. Cowboys have the same cattle management tasks. They also have dressed in similar clothing and have similar core skills. And yet the modern cowboy takes things a step further. Early Spanish explorers created the need for American cowboys. Spanish exploration brought cattle and horses to the new world and with it the concept of the cowboy. Over time the demand for cows has increased. However the number of rural Americans have decreased. The modern cowboy has more work to do now than ever before. Old methods for tracking cattle are no longer viable in this new climate of a growing middle class.

Cowboys of The Future

Modern cowboys are turning to technology as a way to track cattle. Organizations around the world already track animal identification, premises identification, and animal movement. This tracking leads to the eradication of animal disease and improving the quality and cost of beef. Utilizing drone technology would allow individual tracking of each cow. This thereby eliminates a lot of labor for cowboys and the cattle industry. A few educated workers can do the work of a dozen, lower-paid workers. The benefits to the economy are paramount.

Drone technology has come a long way. Once little more than a remote-controlled toy, drones are now very sophisticated depending on the manufacturer. Drones have immense potential for surveillance and management that has barely been tapped into. Drones can also be used to track plant growth and health, check fence lines for damage from wildlife, and so much more. Remember, this will never take away from a cowboy’s responsibilities. The rugged breed of men and women who wear plaid, big belt buckles and even bigger hats will always be needed. However, this technology will aid them in efficiency. If you are looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today. We have a group of horse-person realtors ready to help you today.

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