Badger Creek Guest Ranch

Badger Creek Ranch

Badger Creek Guest Ranch

A guest ranch, also known as a dude ranch, is a type of ranch oriented towards visitors or tourism. It is considered a form of Agritourism. Imagine getting away from the city for a weekend or during a week vacation. At a guest ranch you can rid yourself of the constant emails. You can step into a simpler time where you can relax and enjoy as much nature as you want. That picture that you just got in your head is of a guest ranch, and Badger Creek Guest Ranch is one of the best in Colorado.

Guest Ranches in Canon City Colorado

Badger Creek Ranch is an “off the grid” property. This means that they rely on solar power for their energy use. They do their best to be mindful of this and build their energy use routines around the daylight hours in order to conserve fuel needed otherwise. The ranch also composts all organic materials including manure from the animals and scraps from their kitchen. This compost then gets used as fertilizer for their garden and hay meadows. In this way, Badger Creek Ranch is a great way to learn how to live alternatively, and you can get some well deserved relaxation while you do it.

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