11 Unusual Horse Terms

  1. Broodmare—another word for a mare or an adult female horse that is used for horse breeding.
  2. Cob—A stocky, rather small equine, or a large pony. Often a general description, but also applied to certain breeds such as the Welsh Cob. A bridle size designed for horses with small or short heads. Usually keeps a long browband and throatlatch to accommodate the wide forehead and jowls of cobs and other horses with somewhat wedge-shaped heads, such as the Arabian or the Morgan.
  3. Croup—The topline and immediate underlying musculature of the hindquarters. Runs from the tail to the loin, and from the point of the hip to the point of the buttock.
  4. Daisy Cutter—An equine that moves with long but low movement. Considered highly desirable in hunter-type horses.
  5. Damsire—The sire of the dam of a horse, analogous to the maternal grandfather in humans. Often known as the broodmare sire or maternal grandsire.
  6. Frog—A tough, rubbery, triangular part of the underside of a horse hoof that acts as a shock absorber for the horse’s foot and also assists in blood circulation of the lower leg.
  7. Jennet—A small, gaited equine of the Middle Ages, developed originally in Spain, used as a riding animal. Another word for a female donkey.
  8. Outlaw—A horse that is vicious or cannot be handled by humans.
  9. Quirt—Short-handled, flexible, weighted whip, of braided leather or rawhide, that is used by some Western-style riders.
  10. Typey—Slang for a horse that conforms to its breed standards, or type.
  11. Zebroid— Hybrid offspring of a zebra crossed on another equine, term includes the zorse, zony and zedonk.

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