Horse Jumping

horse jumping

Horse Jumping on Flat Versus Raised Surfaces

Horse jumping is a highly skilled branch of English horse training. There is a big difference jumping your horse over the ground versus a raised surface like a fence. When working with flat surfaces, set a single ground pole first. Then ride various downward transitions and try a smooth rein-back in front of the pole. This type of training is called a zoning exercise. These exercises will allow you and your horse the chance to practice a rhythmical approach to horse jumping. Just like other sport training, practice makes perfect. Repeat your zoning exercises until you gain respect and focus before and after the pole.

Once you have gained some confidence, keeping adding on to the exercise. Set a line of poles and riding downward transitions in your riding path. Skilled riders practice a line of multiple pole at varying distances. Practice cantering over the line of poles, varying the number of strides in between the poles by adjusting the length of your stride. For the best results, try these exercises after your horse is warmed up and relaxed. But what about jumping surfaces that aren’t flat, like a trot pole?

Just like a flat surface, we recommend you start with a single trot pole. Then you can move on to more pole eventually. Your trot poles will regulate your horse’s pace and assist you and your horse in reaching the ideal jumping distance. Increase your difficulty when your work over the first cross-rail is successful. Try adding a second jump several strides away. Practice adding a stride down the line before you canter it on stride, and use downward transitions or circles in between the jumps to re-establish a quiet rhythm as needed. Check out our Horse Training page for more on English Horse Training. If you are looking for a horse property for sale in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today.

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