Building A Horse Riding Arena In Colorado

indoor riding arena

Building an Indoor Riding Arena

We already know that it is crucial to ride your horse even during the offseason. This is a great way to keep a strong bond with your horse. For information on bonding with your horse, read “How To Bond With Your Horse” and “5 Ways To Bond With Your Horse“. In Colorado, this can be tricky because of the cold weather. That is just one of the reasons why you should have an indoor riding arena. There are many types of indoor riding arenas, like steel frame arenas and wood post frame arenas.

Steel frame arenas have a fabric roof made from polyethylene. Varying riding arena manufacturers offer different designs and foundation options. For a list of Colorado arena builders, go to our Local Resources page. Wood post frame buildings provide more flexibility when it comes to design. They also can have doors and adjoining buildings along the length of the building. Just like a house, windows and doors will affect the amount of natural light. Also, wood post frame buildings gives you the option of insulating the roof and walls. Picking the type of arena you want is critical, so make sure to talk to the manufacturer about your needs. They can help you decide based on those needs!

While in some states in America, it may be possible to bypass the permit process for the personal use of farm buildings, this is generally not the case in Colorado. But don’t be fooled. This is all for your safety. Having drawings from a licensed engineer ensures that your indoor riding arena meets the local building code. You will want to be protected against building collapse or deterioration that could put you and your beloved horses at risk. Furthermore, if you want your building insured, engineer-stamped plans and a building permit are typically a must.

Photo by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes on Unsplash

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