Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association

Quarter Horse

Colorado Quarter Horse Association

The American Quarter Horse Association is in Texas. The Colorado chapter is called the Colorado Quarter Horse Association. Also, the association has many forms like the Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association. This association dedicates itself to preserving the American Quarter Horse. Also, the main job of the association is to maintain their registry. The organization started in 1940 in Fort Worth, Texas. The modern association moved to Amarillo recently. The organization boasts as many as 350,000 members.

There is also the American Quarter Racing Association. This group maintains the operation of racetracks and ID requirements for racing the quarter horse. They set the standards for racing. They register quarter horses and Thoroughbreds, including paint horses. Stay updated with Colorado Horse Property blogs for more upcoming information on the American Quarter Racing Association.

You will know the American Quarter Horse today as a show horse and racehorse. The quarter horse is also used as a reining horse. It is also a good family horse. Also, quarter Horses compete well in rodeo events like barrel racing and calf roping. They also compete in gymkhana. The quarter horse has many features. Also, the Quarter Horse has a small head. It also has a straight profile and a strong body. The quarter horse has a broad chest and powerful hindquarters. For more on the quarter horse and other common horse breeds found in Colorado, read Five Popular Horse Breeds and Five More Popular Horse Breeds.

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