The Colorado Ranger Horse

Colorado Ranger Horse

Colorado Ranger Horse

The Colorado ranger horse comes from the High Plains region of Colorado. To the east of the Rocky Mountains is the Colorado Eastern Plains/High Plains. This is the section of the Great Plains in Colorado at elevations from 3,500 to 7,000 feet. Unlike many other types of horse breeds, Colorado ranger horses are not bound to any specific color pattern. The horses that make up this breed appear in many different colors, and color schemes. These include black, spotted “leopard,” chestnut and gray.

The Colorado Ranger Horse was started by Mike Ruby. Ruby is a Canada-born horseman, specifically from Ontario. The breed got its start from two of Ruby’s horses; a Berber and Arabian horse, which means that the Ranger Horse is a mix of these two species of equine. Ruby showcased two of the new breed’s young male horses at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. The pair of horses sparked a lot of attention and the rest is history.

Given that the breed isn’t defined by a specific color or identifying pattern, it can be difficult to classify a horse as a Colorado Ranger. The best way to identify a Colorado Ranger is through proof of heritage from the pedigree documentation that goes all the way back to the initial two horses. Physically, descendants of the breed have sturdy and sinewy physiques, with particularly strong back legs. Colorado rangers are usually about sixty inches tall from hoof to ear-tips, though some horses of this breed are shorter or taller. For more information on the Colorado Ranger Horse or how to find a horse-person realtor in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today.

Photo by Soledad Lorieto on Unsplash
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