Horse Whispering

Horse Whisperer

What Is A Horse Whisperer?

The term horse whisperer was popularized by the 1998 film starring Robert Redford, but what does the phrase actually refer to? More commonly known as natural horsemanship, this type of animal husbandry refers to  a variety of horse training techniques which have seen rapid growth in popularity since the 1980’s.

The techniques vary in their precise tenets but generally share principles of developing a relationship with horses, using methods said to be derived from observation of the natural behavior of free-roaming horses and rejecting abusive training methods as seen in many domestic practices. Specialists will tell you that in reality, horse whispering is more about listening than whispering. These professional, those that practice natural horsemanship, understand how to read the body language of horses and are fully aware of the psychology of the horse.

The Professionals

Like other professionals in their fields of expertise, horse whisperers often spend years studying a horse and its behavior. Through developing a relationship with the horse, they are able to read the equine’s natural body language and accurately depict what is going on with the horse. From the most subtle changes in facial expressions, the flick of a tail, stamp of a foot, to rolling eyes and rearing, drooping lower lips, ear movements—the horse can speak an language that whisperer’s can understand and respond to in their own way.

In some public demonstrations, a horse whisperer will stand in an enclosure, of a reasonable size, which a young untrained horse is released into. The horse’s natural instinct is to fight or flight. The whisperer becomes the herd, the safe place to be, by his use of body language. First, he sends the horse away, he has not yet invited it to join his herd! He drives the horse forward and keeps him away. For more information on this profession, where you can find a horse whisperer in Colorado, or information on horse properties in Colorado, contact Colorado Horse Property today.

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