Colorado Horse Rescue

Longmont Horse Properties for Sale

Longmont Horse Properties for Sale

If you are looking to purchase a Colorado Horse Property then you should look into Longmont Horse Properties for Sale. Longmont is home to the Colorado Horse Rescue. Colorado Horse Rescue, as its name suggests, is a horse rescue based out of Longmont Colorado. This horse rescue dedicates its time and money to saving the disadvantaged horse. Their motto goes, “One human, one rescue, one home at a time.”

History of the Colorado Horse Rescue

Today Colorado Horse Rescue is a powerhouse of the community. The rescue is a place where horse owners and enthusiasts can come together and share information as well as meet with local horse clinicians and veterinarians. The Colorado Horse Rescue is a great place to visit today and has come from a long and vibrant history.

In 1986, Sharon Jackson and Jill Pratt founded Colorado Horse Rescue to provide shelter, rehabilitation and care for horses. They began by focusing on helping horses that came from abused and neglected situations. With a handful of area stables and land from local farms, the rescue was able to offer vacancies at their facilities to help shelter horses. Two years later, the Colorado Horse Rescue received its non-profit status from the state of Colorado.

Throughout the following years, the rescue has seen some wonderful improvements. Just last year the rescue’s indoor area was refurbished into a safe and usable space for riding and training purposes. This new development gave the rescue the ability to host clinics and events in inclement weather, as well as continue to ride and train horses year-round! In 2017, Colorado Horse Rescue received the Top Nonprofits Award, and the Boulder County Horse Association’s Appreciation Award in recognition of its support of horses and equestrian interests in the community. This year the rescue has continued to grow with its new dedicated adoption and volunteer coordinator position.

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