Buck’n-R-Ranch Animal Rescue

Buck’n-R-Ranch Animal Rescue is a no-kill animal rescue located in Franktown Colorado. Buck’n-R-Ranch was founded by Don and Bonnie Buckner. The inspiration driving this husband and wife team occurred when they discovered an abandoned cat. They rescued the fifteen-year-old cat and named her Olive. Poor Olive had some dental problems, was malnourished, and in much need of some help. After rehabilitating Olive and getting her back to full health, this elderly cat lived with the family for nearly a year. The Buckner’s didn’t know it at the time, but Olive would become the first out of many animals that would eventually be rescued by Buck’n-R-Ranch.

Fast forward from those humbling beginnings to today, the ranch has accumulated a lot more than a single cat. The ranch is now home to an assortment of animals. This includes dogs, cats, eleven alpacas, five horses, seven pigs, fifteen goats, and two sheep. Perhaps the only rescue to house one of these big and beautiful creatures, the ranch is also home to a yak named Yanni. The ranch has twenty-two acres of land and hope to build an outdoor arena because it is this rescue’s goal to train their horses to become great trail riding companions. The rescue also trains their dogs so that when they are eventually adopted the animals are rid of any behavioral problems that they may have had originally.

Buck’n-R-Ranch Animal Rescue

Like most nonprofit animal rescues in Colorado, Buck’n-R-Ranch is in need of donations and volunteers. Since the ranch’s inception, everything has been done out the founder’s own pockets. Let’s come together as a horse community and help out any way that we can! With the ranch’s stunning new website, donators have so many ways to give—you can use Paypal, iGive, AmazonSmile, and more.

View the ranch’s donation wish list to find out things that they need to help them keep their doors open to all the needy animals out there. The ranch has an adoption event coming soon on May the 5th in Castle Rock at the King Soopers so go out and support your local horse and animal community. If you are unable to adopt please consider giving a donation or sign up to volunteer!

Images provided by Don Buckner, co-founder.

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