Fireproofing Your Home with Aflecktos

Fireproofing Your Home

In 2012, 4,000+ acres in Black Forest near Colorado Springs burned. This occurred during the biggest wildfire that Colorado has ever seen. The local fire departments acted fast and contained the problem. This cost over five hundred families their homes. Nowadays, there are products out there that you can use for fireproofing your home in the event of a wildfire. Barricade II Fire Gel is one of the best out there. Recently, professionals tested and approved this fire gel for use in an array of firefighting functions.

Fireproofing Your Home

Getting your hands on some of this powerful fire-retardant gel is now extremely easy with Aflektos. Aflektos is the leading distributor of Barricade II Fire Gel in the state of Colorado. Aflektos is run by Stephen Tivy, a local that is dedicated to helping his neighbors with fireproofing and fire mitigation. Tivy is passionate about bringing the community together. He brings awareness to Colorado homeowners on how to protect themselves from wildfires. Tivy was living in Black Forest in 2013 during the fire that has left many areas blackened still to this day, therefore he has seen what can happen when homeowners do not prepare for future disasters by fireproofing your home.

Not only does Aflektos sell the Barricade II Fire Gel, but it can also provide you with the equipment to apply it to your home and property. During many wildfires, the flames spread through the crowns of the trees. With Aflektos, you are now able to pump the fire gel up into your trees where the fire spreads to stop embers from catching fire to your home. For horse owners, it is important to know how certain chemicals can potentially harm your animals. Also, you will be glad to know that the products you get from Aflektos are approved by the EPA and will not harm your horses or the plant life on your property.

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